To reach the most vulnerable, we bridge the last mile and deliver food to where people live. With the support of AmeriCorps members and hundreds of volunteers, we increase the food security of over 6,000 families in the Dallas area.


Mobile Food Pantry

Equal Heart annually delivers over 1 million pounds of nutritious food to 14,000 individuals struggling with hunger. Mobile because the same forces that cause families to lack the basic resources to feed their children, also result in an inability to travel to static food pantry locations.

A large percentage of food items come from surplus food stock. Healthy food that has been rejected by traditional producers, retail and wholesale distributors. We RESCUE the food, diverting it from the landfill to be used to feed thousands of struggling families.


Mobile Summer Food Programs

Every summer, Equal Heart coordinates a fleet of trucks to deliver daily meals to children living at 38 apartment communities in the Dallas area. Staffed by AmeriCorps members, this 10 week program routinely provides over 250,000 prepared meals to 2,200 children. Overlaid around the meal service, members engage children to increase their physical activity.
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